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About us


 About us




Aims and Scope


  The School of Medical Applied Chemistry (MAC) was established in 2002 and started a Master’s Program in 2006. At present we have 14 full-time faculties plus a chair professor. We recruit 55 undergraduates and 10 postgraduates each year. The credit requirement for an undergraduate to graduate is 128 (including 76 credits in required courses), and that for a postgraduate is 30 (including 21 credits in required courses).



Required courses in our school include organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, cosmeceutics, and pharmaceutical-relating subjects. Our faculty member’s research interests cover a broad range of topics, which include natural products and health science, drugs design and synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry, bio-medicinal materials, trace analysis, biological analysis, biosensors and biochips. 



The School aims to educate students as professionals in applied chemistry toward biomedical applications. We also aim to integrate chemical industries with raising bio-medicinal industries and balance two types of industries for their better development and for our national economy.









Prof. Chih-Chien Chu


2014 - present


Organic synthesis, Material science,

Functional polymers and dendrimers,

fullerene and carbon nanotubes

Prof. Yung-Chuan Ho


2012 - 2014


Organic Chemistry, Cosmeceutics and foods science

Prof. Meen-Woon Hsiao


2009 - 2012


Chromatography, Electrochemistry, Clinical Analysis

Prof. Tsui-Hwa Tseng


2007 - 2009


Biopharmacology of Chemoprevention agent,

Development of biactive natural product,

 Development of anticancer drug

Prof. Yung-Chuan Ho


2002 - 2007


Organic Chemistry, Cosmeceutics and foods science